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Our mission is to speed up progress towards a sound and just planet by helping companies and organizations in becoming part of a sustainable future – social, ecological and economical.


The earth systems which we rely on, businesses and humans, are under threat. Business leaders recognise their role and responsibility in driving change, but data shows very little progress towards meeting Agenda2030 goals and limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

In adopting to a world in transformation, business as usual is not an option

“Smart business will learn how to take advantage of this transformation, while the others will be left behind”
Mark Carney


What defines a company that is successful over time is its ability to respond to disruption and reinvent themselves.
There are three key underlying mechanisms that provide entry points to support transformative change.

Innovate business models; how you design, build, sell, distribute and take responsibility of products and services through out the entire lifecycle..

Adopt and develop what is currently available; technology and products that supports a sustainable road map.

Stop processes, products and technologies that are not sustainable, short or long term.

These control the ability to transform and the speed of transition.


We have a comprehensive set of transition services. Our service portfolio offers a tested and proven method to innovate your business and tap into the hidden potential of sustainability and resilience.

With this service we help you get an in-depth understanding on how to create a safe operating space by applying UN SDGs’ and science based targets to your business operations.

Our service is specifically designed to create business opportunities with high systemic values that unlocks the hidden potential of sustainability within your ecosystem. We use the safe operating space to catalyze ideation and to ensure that all opportunities have eco/soc benefits.

The analysis and strategy service helps you to create an impactful strategy that deliver’s a resilient business. With a new lens on success, measuring eco/soc impact from operations, business innovation can be realized, and you are in the drivers’ seat for transformation controlling both speed and impact.

The business creation service is designed to efficiently validate desirability, feasibility and viability of a business opportunity, and through series of Minimum Viable Products (MVP) develop a solid business. Business innovation has a high degree of uncertainty and complexity which is why we use LEAN startup methodology as way to drive progress, learning and to minimize cost.


Certified by Stockholm Resilience Center – Planetary boundaries and Human opportunities and accredited in Sustainable business development by Aktuell Hållbarhet/DI Academy.We have than 30 years of experience from working with business development and have used our sustainability toolbox for more than 5 years.

Certified by Stockholm Resilience Center – Planetary boundaries and Human opportunities and accredited in Sustainable business development by Aktuell Hållbarhet/DI Academy.


Time is ticking and we need to start making some serious progress. By 2030 the transition needs to have happened. We believe the solution lies in building innovative and collaborative partnerships for change. Are you a change maker that share our vision?
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