RE-INVENTING BIOPHARMA 560 420 twentyten


We started out with an educational phase where we walked-through the principles of innovating businesses for the future, we worked hands-on with scenario modelling, circularity and risk based approach to identify the hidden potential in the business ecosystem. Together we created a framework for sustainable business innovation and identified several innovative business opportunities and future risks for the business, while ensuring the company’s commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In the next phase, we explored the most impactful opportunity, designing a business blueprint ready for validation with the stakeholders in the ecosystem.


“Working with twentyten is perfectly executed, they go above and beyond in scoping and execution. When I was close to giving up, they stayed with me and provided the encouragement and support needed to get over the line. They are genuine about helping businesses in becoming sustainable.

We uncovered plenty of value losses in our business ecosystem, which could be recovered through complimentary service offerings and rethinking of product design. A purposeful business that provides good to the wider world is not a dream but a reality with a change of mindset.

twentyten’s sustainable business innovation framework is very useful to assess current state of play for a complex business and it helps to create a pathway to transform a business to meet future growth, uncover value loss, identify risk and assume eco-social responsibility. The combined outcome is a clear path towards business transformation. We will use this to introduce sustainable materials into our business and create an integrated program to change our design and business processes, creating a complementary service offering to assist customers in transitioning to new products.”

Chor Sing Tan, Strategy Manager – Growth Initiatives, Cytiva

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